Monday, September 14, 2015

Back To School

The theme this month for my blog circle is 'Back To School.' I have been out of school for more years than I want to admit, although I did take some life coaching classes four years back and loved it! I don't have kids to send off to school, either, so I wondered what I could write about.  Well, last Wednesday, it came to me.

We have a four month old puppy.  She has a lot of spunk and energy, and a very, very strong will.  Two weeks ago, we started school with her.  She is officially enrolled in obedience classes for five weeks.  She is in a rather large class.  There were close to 20 dogs, and probably 35 owners at our first night of class.  We had everything from tiny little terriers to very large and clumsy lab puppies, and one German Shepherd pup.  Everyone but one little Blue Heeler seemed happy to be there.  All the other pups and dogs had tails wagging and were friendly and playful with one another.

Our first lesson was "Let's Go" and "Sit."  My pup paid attention most of the time. She had a lab pup next to her, and it took all her will to not pounce and play through the entire class. They were about the same size, but two months age difference, my Golden being the younger of the two.  Everyone was doing pretty well, until all the sudden, someone started to bark, then another, and another, and two more. My girl was the beginning barker.  The neighbor horses decided to come to the fence, which was only a couple feet behind where we were sitting.  My girl decided these large, scary creatures did not look like everyone else around the circle and so she told them so.  Now, she has seen horses before, but these were encroaching upon her doggy class, and she wasn't so sure what to do about it.  Needless to say, we got a visit from the teacher who thought taking her over to the fence would help, but it only made her more upset.  I feared we would be sent to the principals office the first night of class.  In a sense, we were, as they made us go to the indoor arena and get a new collar on our girl "to better control her."

We are now in the second week, and she has learned sit, lay down, let's go, and we are working on heal and stay.  She also loves to retrieve her ball and bring it back, and most of the time she drops it when told.  

Schooling for her can be a bit challenging as she appears to have a case of what we call the butterfly syndrome.  She will be very well behaved and paying attention, when suddenly, BUTTERFLY!  Or CAT! Or BUG! Or PERSON! OR...........anything that moves! The teacher assured us she will grow out of this syndrome. 

So, as my husband and I attend school with our pup, we are all learning.  Although we have had dogs before, this one is definitely her own personality, so back to school is a good place for all of us to be so we can have a well trained, well behaved adult dog.  Well, we can at least hope.  

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoke-Filled Skies in Idaho

I live in Idaho.  Idaho and Washington are severely on fire.  While it makes for some amazing sun photos, we desperately need rain.  Most days, all we see is gray to the ground, with ash falling down like snow.  However, at the moment, we are the fortunate ones as there is not a fire right here.  We have numerous fires surrounding us, but so far, we are safe.  For that, I am grateful!

Please pray for rain for our region! 

This was one of the better days.  There is an airport, homes, and mountains, you just can't see them. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Pup

Our new pup, well, we have had her two months now, makes me smile, even when she is causing trouble or biting me.  She is now 3 1/2 months old and getting quite a personality.  She loves kids, running non-stop, watermelon, and feet.  Last week, we were finally able to take her for a walk because her vaccinations were finished.  She is now discovering a whole new world and loving to go for walks.  

She is also losing teeth the past week so she is chewing more than usual, and her puppy fluff is beginning to fall out, being replaced by her adult coat.  

Her sweet face brings a smile to my face.  I hope it does yours, as well.  

Only a Golden puppy can find mud in the middle of a very hot Summer drought! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where I Live

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  It used to be a quiet place, where farming and logging were the key industries.  Those industries have been replaced with tourism, real estate, and construction.  We are one of the fastest growing places in the United States.  I can't say that statistic thrills me.  I liked the quieter, slower life, with expansive farmlands, beautiful lakes and trees, and dirt roads.  I am a country girl at heart.  Those ole dirt roads and fields are being replaced by cookie cutter housing developments where the homes are on top of each other and every road is paved. The beautiful pine trees are being knocked over like dominoes to build more homes and roads.  

All that aside, I still seek out the beauty in creation that God provides for me every day.  It may take a little longer to find a quiet place but I so appreciate every beautiful moment when I find a place of solitude, to take in and capture the beauty that surrounds me.  

At my home, I enjoy my front porch, where I can sit in the cool of a Summer morning, drink my coffee, look at my flowers, and listen to the birds sing.  There is often a purple finch serenading me as I sip my coffee. For such a small bird, he has a beautiful song and he reminds me to find joy in the moment.  

In the evenings, I enjoy beautiful sunsets off my front porch.  Tonight was no exception.  It was a beautiful skyline.  

I am blessed to live where I live.  I am thankful that God provides amazing beauty for me to enjoy and capture with my camera, and my heart.  I hope you take time each day to appreciate where you live and that you slow down long enough to see the beauty that surrounds you.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Adventure of Life

A life of adventure is ours for the taking, whether we are seven or seventy.  Life for the most part is what we make of it.  We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, joyfully, completely, and richly in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth. ~Luci Swindoll 

Do you need to make a course adjustment to live this way?  I know at times, this world can easily take the joy out of living for me.  I have to make course and attitude adjustments to get back on track to living a life of joy.  

My life adventure has a travel guide that never leaves my side, and I just need to rest and  trust in Him.  Sometimes, easier said than done, but I am working on it.  Jesus never leaves me.  He is with me on this adventure of life, He goes before me, and He knows the outcome. My job, trust.  I can say I trust, but I think I trust best when I can control things.  Obviously, my travel guide says to me to trust Him, loosen my grip, and let the fear, the anxiety go because He is in control.  This week, I am going to work on it more than I have for awhile.  Will you join me?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Live Life With A Purpose

Do you see the gifts around you? Do you experience life or are you just coasting by, with your eyes always on your phone/tablet/electronics?  Life is precious and filled with beauty.  When is the last time you experienced life, really experience it? 

When is the last time you enjoyed a sunset?  I mean really took it in, and truly saw, experienced, enjoyed, sat in awe of the colors?  

Have you taken time to see the small details in a flower, that is here today and gone tomorrow, but the amazing details and colors that God put in those flowers for us to enjoy is incredible.  

Put the phone down and look at the beauty around you!  



       Live life to the fullest.  

           Be thankful.

Life is short.  Don't waste it.  Don't let your legacy be that you spent a lot of time texting, staring at an electronic.  Let your legacy be that life was precious to you, and you enjoyed it, you took it in, you loved others, and you talked to them, face to face.  Let people remember that you lived out your life, that you saw the beauty and you appreciated it.  Let your legacy be one of a life well lived, on purpose, with a purpose.  

Be available.  Others need you.  But to be available,  you need to put the electronics down and have face to face relationships.  

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