Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoke-Filled Skies in Idaho

I live in Idaho.  Idaho and Washington are severely on fire.  While it makes for some amazing sun photos, we desperately need rain.  Most days, all we see is gray to the ground, with ash falling down like snow.  However, at the moment, we are the fortunate ones as there is not a fire right here.  We have numerous fires surrounding us, but so far, we are safe.  For that, I am grateful!

Please pray for rain for our region! 

This was one of the better days.  There is an airport, homes, and mountains, you just can't see them. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Pup

Our new pup, well, we have had her two months now, makes me smile, even when she is causing trouble or biting me.  She is now 3 1/2 months old and getting quite a personality.  She loves kids, running non-stop, watermelon, and feet.  Last week, we were finally able to take her for a walk because her vaccinations were finished.  She is now discovering a whole new world and loving to go for walks.  

She is also losing teeth the past week so she is chewing more than usual, and her puppy fluff is beginning to fall out, being replaced by her adult coat.  

Her sweet face brings a smile to my face.  I hope it does yours, as well.  

Only a Golden puppy can find mud in the middle of a very hot Summer drought! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where I Live

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  It used to be a quiet place, where farming and logging were the key industries.  Those industries have been replaced with tourism, real estate, and construction.  We are one of the fastest growing places in the United States.  I can't say that statistic thrills me.  I liked the quieter, slower life, with expansive farmlands, beautiful lakes and trees, and dirt roads.  I am a country girl at heart.  Those ole dirt roads and fields are being replaced by cookie cutter housing developments where the homes are on top of each other and every road is paved. The beautiful pine trees are being knocked over like dominoes to build more homes and roads.  

All that aside, I still seek out the beauty in creation that God provides for me every day.  It may take a little longer to find a quiet place but I so appreciate every beautiful moment when I find a place of solitude, to take in and capture the beauty that surrounds me.  

At my home, I enjoy my front porch, where I can sit in the cool of a Summer morning, drink my coffee, look at my flowers, and listen to the birds sing.  There is often a purple finch serenading me as I sip my coffee. For such a small bird, he has a beautiful song and he reminds me to find joy in the moment.  

In the evenings, I enjoy beautiful sunsets off my front porch.  Tonight was no exception.  It was a beautiful skyline.  

I am blessed to live where I live.  I am thankful that God provides amazing beauty for me to enjoy and capture with my camera, and my heart.  I hope you take time each day to appreciate where you live and that you slow down long enough to see the beauty that surrounds you.

This blog is part of a blog circle.  Our theme for this month is Where I Live.  Please come back this week and read the posts of the others in my circle:  

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Adventure of Life

A life of adventure is ours for the taking, whether we are seven or seventy.  Life for the most part is what we make of it.  We have been given a responsibility to live it fully, joyfully, completely, and richly in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth. ~Luci Swindoll 

Do you need to make a course adjustment to live this way?  I know at times, this world can easily take the joy out of living for me.  I have to make course and attitude adjustments to get back on track to living a life of joy.  

My life adventure has a travel guide that never leaves my side, and I just need to rest and  trust in Him.  Sometimes, easier said than done, but I am working on it.  Jesus never leaves me.  He is with me on this adventure of life, He goes before me, and He knows the outcome. My job, trust.  I can say I trust, but I think I trust best when I can control things.  Obviously, my travel guide says to me to trust Him, loosen my grip, and let the fear, the anxiety go because He is in control.  This week, I am going to work on it more than I have for awhile.  Will you join me?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Live Life With A Purpose

Do you see the gifts around you? Do you experience life or are you just coasting by, with your eyes always on your phone/tablet/electronics?  Life is precious and filled with beauty.  When is the last time you experienced life, really experience it? 

When is the last time you enjoyed a sunset?  I mean really took it in, and truly saw, experienced, enjoyed, sat in awe of the colors?  

Have you taken time to see the small details in a flower, that is here today and gone tomorrow, but the amazing details and colors that God put in those flowers for us to enjoy is incredible.  

Put the phone down and look at the beauty around you!  



       Live life to the fullest.  

           Be thankful.

Life is short.  Don't waste it.  Don't let your legacy be that you spent a lot of time texting, staring at an electronic.  Let your legacy be that life was precious to you, and you enjoyed it, you took it in, you loved others, and you talked to them, face to face.  Let people remember that you lived out your life, that you saw the beauty and you appreciated it.  Let your legacy be one of a life well lived, on purpose, with a purpose.  

Be available.  Others need you.  But to be available,  you need to put the electronics down and have face to face relationships.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom is not free.  Be willing to stand up and fight for it.  Many have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  If you appreciate freedom, stand up for what you believe in, and be thankful.  Thank a Veteran, and their families.  They deserve our gratitude.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rejoining The Conversation

It's been awhile since I have taken time to write.  I miss it.  Tonight, I was browsing through some of my early blogging days and reminiscing,  shedding tears, and laughing.  Wow, it's been 8 plus years since I started this blog.  So much has changed in me, life in general, our world.  Nieces and nephew have grown up, family members have passed away, my carrot eating dog left us this year, there are new family members, we have a new pup as of two weeks ago, and life moves along at a rapid pace.  

There is a lot I could write about, and some topics I will, some I won't, in days to come, but I think I want to start blogging again on a regular basis.  I looked back and see I blogged almost daily at times.  I don't expect that will happen, but maybe a couple times a week.  I guess if I am the only one who reads my thoughts, that is fine.  I just know I need to write.  Creative expression is so important and my creative expression comes through photography and writing.  

"I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say." — Flannery O’Connor 

"Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery." — Henry Miller

I hope you will take time to join in the conversation when you have time, but only if you want to be nice. Social media is filled with so much hate and bullying right now, and it makes my heart sad.  We are all human beings, trudging through this journey together.  Let's help one another, lift one another up, love each other, not trample all over one another.  Let's stop fighting each other and start fighting together to make this world a better place, a safer place, a place where people matter. 

"Treat others with respect and you will always be wealthy because your community is your real currency." — Bryant McGill 

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