What Keeps You Awake At Night?

The question was recently asked at our home group...what keeps you awake at night?  All I could think was not sleeping!  I haven't slept much the past few months, not being able to shut my mind off, or at least pass out, until about 2-3 a.m.  I am usually awake by 7 or 8, so sleep has been short for me since December.  I always have been a night person, but this is a bit ridiculous.  Why am I not sleeping?  I don't know.  Part of it is staying up and working on my classes, part of it is, I just lay with my eyes wide open and cannot shut my brain off.  Like I said, I think I eventually just pass out, and then sleep for a few hours.  It's an interesting dilemma since I am currently studying the harmful affects on our body and mind of not getting adequate sleep.  

Back to the question..what keeps you awake at night?  The question's meaning was what are you passionate about in life that you stay awake thinking about that God wants you to accomplish for His Kingdom?  What has God put on your heart to do, if you aren't doing it?  What do you enjoy doing so much that it isn't work to you, but rather helps complete the way God designed you to live?  What are ways that you think of to help in that area, to make a difference, to be a part of a change?  Do you stay awake at night thinking about what drives you in life, or have you lost those hopes, the purpose and passion that God gave you to experience and live life out to the fullest, not wasting time, but living intentionally for Him?  We are all only given so much time here on earth.  Do you use that time to make a difference and help people?  Is your life lived intentionally or do you just go through the motions?  You can change, make a difference, and live passionately for God, just take the first step and start.  


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