A Day at Greenbluff

Although I have lived in the area all but eight years of my life, I have never been to the locally famous Greenbluff to visit all the farms and orchards, until yesterday.  After being up there with my nieces, I wondered why I have never journeyed up the hill before, as it is a nice place to spend a day.  We wandered through a very large pumpkin patch for over an hour, finding all shapes and sizes of pumpkins.  The girls decided to call it the pumpkin maze because they started to weave in and out of the vines, making it a game as they went.  We had fun in a corn maze,  and found a castle and a mirror that made us look really funny.  We rode a train with wheels around a farm, checked out bins full of gourds and various varieties of pumpkins, apples, and veggies, and we even brought home a few pumpkins.

I had a great day spending time with these two.  We laughed a lot, and built a lot of memories.  I am thankful for the time I had to hang out with them and hope they had as much fun as I did.  I think they did, since they are already planning the next time we can go back up to Greenbluff.



Oh, what fun! This will be a day remembered long into winter...

And I love this new background.

Hope all is good. Where did summer go?

Love & Blessings.

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