Movie and Rude Ladies

Yesterday we went to see the movie The Blind Side. It was a great movie, based on the life of football player Michael Ohre. I highly recommend the movie! There are a lot of great life lessons throughout the movie, and it leaves you with some hope. What did not leave me feeling good were two ladies in their late 60's who were just rude. One came into the row we were sitting in. The theater was packed at this showing. She wanted our seats, and was very loud about it. She says in a very loud voice, 'if these people would just move down, we could all sit together. I don't understand why you come in and take a seat in the middle of the aisle." I wanted to say because it's where we choose to sit, because we got here early enough to pick our seats, but I didn't. She continued ranting and raving, never talking directly to us, but kept going on about how we should move down to accommodate her and her loud self. The row was full, so there was only one seat that we could have moved down by the time she finished her rant. Again, she never asked just thought half the row of seated people should move because she was throwing a fit and scowling at everyone around her.

We went through the movie, which is around two and a half hours long. Enjoyed it, and were getting ready to leave. I had to stop by the ladies room, since I had three glasses of iced tea before we went to the movie (note to self, don't do that again!) and there was along line waiting. I had two ladies step in line behind me. A girl, probably around 12, walked past our line into the restroom. You could tell by looking at her she was a nice girl, probably very quiet and shy. I figured she was waiting for her mom, which turned out to be right. The lady behind my starts yelling in my ear in a snotty tone, "Excuse me, excuse me little girl. Oh little girl, HEY LITTLE GIRL, excuse me! We are all in line. See this line, yes you little girl, this is the line, and you can't just walk by us and think you are going to cut in line ahead of us. We were all here before you, little girl." The poor girl was so embarrassed once she figured out the mean lady was talking to her. In a couple seconds time, that mean lady brought down the self esteem of that preteen in a heart beat, made her turn ten shades of red, and feel like hiding. I could tell when her momma emerged because, although she looked sweet and kind, she had a fire in her eyes as she scanned the line of ladies waiting. As I was leaving the restroom, this same loud lady was mad and cussing because she had to dry her hands using an air dryer. She was going on to her friend about how she paid $9 to see a movie and now had to use an air dryer on her hands. I just rolled my eyes and wanted to tell her if she wants the ritzy lifestyle she was portraying from her snobbery, North Idaho probably isn't where she should live and she should probably move back to where she came from. Instead, I left shaking my head and grateful that I am not like either one of those woman, both of which seem to have a deep root of anger and bitterness in their hearts and they take it out on all around them, and for all to hear. It seems they are the type that put others down to make themselves feel better. I felt sorry for the girl who was assaulted in her heart by the mean lady in line. I hope her mom helped to heal those wounds. Heart wounds are the worst, and that girl was embarrassed in front of a group of 10-20 woman, for no reason.


Continuing on with my Thankful list:

Canadian Geese, I love to watch them and listen to them

Hummingbirds, so small, delicate, and beautiful

The four seasons, even if winter does get a bit long where I live

New buds on plants that emerge in Spring and bring with them hope

Snow-covered mountains that sparkle as the sun hits them

I am thankful for teachers such as Max Lucado, Beth Moore, and John & Stasi Eldridge, and for my youth pastor when I was in high school who taught me so much and never gave up hope in me

A hot bath on a cold night

God's Word which is filled with promises to fill me with hope in the dark times of life, the hard time of life. God's Word which fills me with hope in the good times of life, the times filled with joy.

Knowing that JOY is in the heart, not based on circumstances of things that make us happy or make us feel good, but deep JOY always helps our hearts to feel peace and contentment in knowing the love our Heavenly Father

For my husband's job, which provides for our needs. A year ago, he was without a job, and times were a bit stressful in our home. Although we had a deep peace that God would provide, it was just a matter of when. I am thankful HE provided a better job for my husband than what he had to start with, and that we only had to go about eight weeks without a paycheck. I am thankful for the great job he has now, and for the company he works for who takes great care of their employees.


Lanel said…
I'm so jealous that you saw Blind Side. I went to see it Friday night but it was sold out. Ended up seeing 2012 which definitely wasn't worth $10. :(
Lanel said…
So, jealous you got to see Blind Side. I went Friday night with a friend and it was sold out. Ended up seeing 2012 which was NOT worth $10. :(

I usually don't enjoy going to the movies precisely for reasons you posted. I hate spending so much money to have so much in the hands of other people and hoping they're polite.
Anonymous said…
I like what you have to say!

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