So, I am on my soapbox today. I was reading the headlines about the 93 million dollar salary a football player agreed to yesterday. Agreed to? Why wouldn't you agree to $93,000,000?? And why does he get this huge salary for six years? Because he plays football. Don't get me wrong...I love football. It is one of my favorite sports to watch. But, give me a break. Let's compare this salary to a police officer who puts their life in danger when out on the job. Or a nurse, who works hard to save lives. How about a soldier in our military who fights for our freedoms, and to keep us safe? I have a niece and nephew serving our country, and although I don't know what they make, I am sure several zeros can be taken off that salary! How about an EMT/Paramedic/Fire Fighter who are the first to arrive at emergency situations and many times, peoples lives rest in their hands? Something is really wrong here when athletes, movie stars, and politicians make the most money in our country. We have a distorted view of heroes when these people make the big salaries, not those who risk their lives on a daily basis. I think this is an area that could use some reform, not that I want the government to step in and "fix" it because it's not their place, as a lot of things that are being "fixed" aren't either. However, there needs to be some balance and the real heroes, those who risk their lives and work hard, are the ones who deserve the big salaries and signing bonuses. I don't know how to solve this problem other than to fire all the elected officials and start over, which sounds like a pretty good idea right now, and to not pay $10 and up a ticket to watch a movie or $85 and up to watch a football game. i think it's time that Americans start to reform America, not politicians and movie stars and that the common person makes their voice heard on ALL the issues. I've heard more people than ever talking about government issues the past week, and there is a lot of unhappiness, unrest, and distrust out there with the 'average' person. Stand up and be heard and get involved while we still can and before it's too late.


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