Spontaneous, I Am Not

I am not a very spontaneous person. I usually need plans and schedules, and lists. Today, my hubby called me and asked me to meet him in Spokane. I had an appointment to get my hair cut, but he told me to head that way after I was finished. I tried to get out of it. After all, it was not on my calendar, but he talked me into meeting him. He was finishing up work, and the main reason he enticed me to meet him was to start searching for a possible birthday idea for me. I am looking for a camera lens and thought we would hit the camera store in the mall out north. I got there ahead of him, and finished before he arrived. Seems that the mall out north didn't get the memo from the media that the economy is improving, since a good portion of their stores are empty, including the camera store I was looking for! It was sad to me to see so many empty spaces, covered in black plastic, or some other darkness to cover up the empty store front.

I called my hubby and we decided to meet at Manito Park and go for a walk through the flowers. The rain kept coming and going all day, and the dark clouds loomed while we were there, but we stayed dry as we enjoyed the beauty. I was sad because my camera was at home. There were some beautiful flowers, too. So, I grabbed my hubby's point and shoot camera, that I do not know how to operate, or make focus for that matter, and took a few pictures. Some were not so good, some are ok. They definitely are not the quality I am used to uploading but they are still pretty.

Dahlias always make me think of my great aunt Ethel, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 93. She grew gorgeous dahlias!! Well, all of her flowers were gorgeous. She grew a lot of the dinner plate dahlias and they always were the size of a dinner plate or larger! I have been thinking a lot of my aunt Ethel, as her 14 year old great grandson is in a fight for his life. He was diagnosed last week with stage four Hodgkin's lymphoma and is currently undergoing treatment. So, if you think of them, please pray for healing for him and for comfort for his family.

Our walk ended just in time to head downtown and grab some dinner. I enjoyed the flowers, but mostly I enjoyed the time with my hubby. I am glad that spontaneity won out this time because it was a very enjoyable evening.


As always, beautiful. Photos. And shared sentiments.


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