An Afternoon in the Park

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to venture out despite on and off snow showers. We drove out to Farragut Park and purchased a permit for the year. We haven't done this before, but plan to get a lot of enjoyment out of the park this year between geocaching, hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and just relaxing. We will probably try disc golf as well, because we've both been wanting to give it a try and see how many Frisbee's we can lose.
The park was fairly empty late yesterday afternoon. There were a couple other cars and a few people walking, but it was very peaceful, except for the sound of Canadian geese making sure we knew we were getting to close for their comfort, at times. We saw a lot of geese, hundreds of deer, and an eagle. I enjoyed a few moments in a swing at one of the little cabins, as I looked out over Lake Pend Oreille. We searched for mountain goats on the rocks but did not see any. We will keep going back and checking those rocks out for goats. I remember going there as a kid, with my parents and sister to watch the goats.
My hubby tried to find a geocache but didn't have any clues with us, and when we got home and read up on it, we found it is a tricky one. We will be back for a day of caching in the park, though! I sat in the car while he looked because a few moments earlier, I was so busy walking on the dock taking pictures that I wasn't paying great attention to things around me, and I hit a rubber bumper on the dock and took a nice little fall. Snow, rubber bumpers, and a person not paying attention are not a good mix! I was quite wet from the fall, but I did keep my camera safe! I am sure the nearby geese were laughing at me as the honked their chorus a few feet away.
Even though there were periods of heavy snow, there were also periods of bright sunshine. We enjoyed a couple hours of quiet in the park and it was nice to just be out, despite the crisp air.


debbiewhitlock said…
I love your pictures!
Beauty at it's best!
Norm said…
Fabulous photos! Idaho is such a beautiful place. We are geocachers in Minnesota. No mountains here. :(

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