Pet Peeve

Okay, so life has been a bit stressful lately, so I have to talk about one of my pet peeves today. If this is something you do, sorry to offend, but I just don't get it. There is one thing I really wonder about. Okay, there are many things I really wonder about, but this one is one I really wondered about today as I was out shopping for game supplies for middle school camp. Why is it that people have gotten so lazy that they can't put on some actual clothes when they go to the store? Now, I'm not saying that people are running around naked, thank goodness, but many are without actual clothes. There are so many people running around in their pajamas all day, in public, and it really drives me crazy. I don't want to see your belly, or other parts that are hanging down to your belly because you forgot to put on under garments, popping out of your too small tank top pajama shirt. What's even worse is when the pajama bottoms waists are rolled down and if the person moves wrong, it could be an x-rated scene! I also don't want to see Rolling Stone or Sponge Bob pajama pants on a 40 year old man! And, most of these people wear fuzzy slippers along with the pajamas!! Think of the germs that get on those slippers after they are worn out into the public areas, and then into the bedroom. Ewwww!! Why do so many people think that every day life out in public has become a sleepover? For those who wear their jammies all day, check out the CLOTHING section in your local stores because they make nice, comfy shorts, capris, jeans, nice t-shirts, and tank tops that are actually for wearing as a shirt, not pajamas. If you want to be comfy, I don't have an issue with that, but please people, put on actual clothing that they sell OUT of the sleepwear section.


Hey, I saw some of those odd girls but they had binkies (pacifier) too! WHAT?! I wanted to smack 'em upside the head. I could just imagine what my grandpa would have done at that sight. He probably would have dragged them through the mall looking for their mamma and then he would have smacked her upside the head.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly--butt-cracks, cleavage, and pajamas need to stay indoors and apparently locked in the bedrooms across America.

I am going to start carrying my anti-crack-n-cleavage spray...
Sandi said…
Well said. My daughter said the kids come to classes at college dressed the same way. She said she would never think of it. Supose that is where she meet her future husband.

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