Time Flies!!

I just have to ask, does anyone else want to yell 'Stop!! Summer is going too fast! Slow down, please!' What happened to the lazy days of summer that we experienced as kids, when the days were long while we rode bikes, played kicked the can, went swimming, hung out with friends? I cannot believe how fast this summer is going! My hubby asked me to go for a quick motorcycle ride around the neighborhood tonight, and it took me an hour to get out there because I was doing three things at once, and when he finally sent me a text message asking me to join him outside, I got the clue! I realized while on that ride that I haven't even taken time to look at the night sky this summer, and enjoy the stars. I usually love to sit outside on a summer night and enjoy gazing at the stars, but haven't done that yet this year. I am having a hard time believing it's mid-July and really, there is only a few weeks of summer left. I think the fact that the extra, extra long winter of 2008 lasted until about six weeks ago may have something to do with the fact that summer seems so short, but I also think extreme busyness is very much part of the problem. I am trying to find some time to just take a few breathes and relax and enjoy summer but don't see much time in my overbooked calendar for that to happen. I have a garden and flower bed that need weeded, a pile of books that want to be read, a dog that thinks she's been forgotten, a bike that has not seen the rides it should have seen this summer, a row boat and fishing license that have not been used, and a highly stressed out body that needs a bit of a break! I know part of it is my fault, but as much as I try, life just gets more and more busy, instead of slowing down a bit. So, as I finish this post up, I just wonder if I'm the only one having this type of summer, or if others feel this way as well???


When you make & take the time to look upon God's wondrous creations (stars, flowers, your reflection in the lake, your husband, your garden...), you imbed a very piece of God into your soul.

What are you doing that is bringing you closer to our Lord each day?

By the way, the merry-go-round of summertime as an adult does spin faster. Maybe it is time we put our scuffed shoe to the ground and make summertime slow down!
Sandi said…
Oh you so summed up my talk with my hubby and mom today. I told them I am off for the summer and I can't get everything done I need to each day. The summer is 1/2 over and I didn't do my summer stuff yet. What is wrong with me. They say the days are longer in the summer because it is light longer but I think some how they must be shorter.

No it is not just you
speedygeoff said…
As the years fly by, winter goes faster too! It's snowing outside as I type.... our summer is but a few short months away.

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